Cartier Jewelry

The Cartier Pasha Watch is a truly amazing time piece

Cartier has been able to successfully create watches for both
women and men. Because of the diversity and unique styles of the watches by
Cartier, they are able to appeal to a large variety of people, from celebrities
to royalty, to your average individual who spends an age saving up their money
in order to purchase that highly sought after Cartier watch. Having a brand
name always seems to be a sign of affluence in some circles and therefore for
certain people this is always important. Cartier is among the finest watch
makers on the planet.
watches have often claimed responsibility for moving individuals from the
pocket watch to the wrist watch. Cartier has remained so special because they have
always made wristwatches in a variety of shapes, round, square, tortue,
tonneau, rectangular, and oval, rather than limiting themselves to one or two
shapes. Their designs have always managed to be classic and modern at the same
time. They are not only very handsome looking for men, but they also
have a look of elegance and beauty that is very appealing for women as well. The
men’s Cartier watches are just as impressive as the women’s watches.
in its continuous drive for innovation has been investing highly in its R&D
department to take the level of the watches to another grade. Past history
suggests that it was Cartier who introduced the dual time zone display and
water resistance in its watches. The company uses a differentiating strategy in
producing and marketing its products, thus its marketing activities are always
different than others.One
of the most popular watch designs available is the Cartier Pasha watch. The
Cartier Pasha was originally designed and produced in 1933. It was the first
waterproof design. This is because it was originally designed for a Pasha who
wanted to wear a watch while swimming. Even though it was first produced
decades ago, the Pasha retains a clean design and a modern look with a
beautiful round watch face that is popular today. It is resistant at up to
one-hundred meters. It has since then become one of the main waterproof watches
on the market. It has one distinctive
feature which includes a large diameter fitted with a grid to protect the watch
from being broken and is designed to be as sturdy as an army watch. It is also
characterised by sword shaped hands and Arabic numerals. The Cartier Pasha Watch is a truly
amazing time piece, thus the reason it is extremely sought after, and for many,
a must have.

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