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Hoitpecxe exception true and false bracelet discrimination contrast method

Today, something big on the hoitpecxe exception. Domestic Luxury Apparel Accessories brand Hoitpecxe Exceptions know that friends should be many, Chi’s favorite brand Oh, we are proud of the people have wood? Good things have a fake is inevitable, the following handsome pig finishing is a Hoitpecxe exception bracelet of the true and false comparison of the map, for everyone to identify true and false help Oh!

A designer is the soul of a brand, her gas field is passed on to the work. Authentic Hoitpecxe exception of this first layer of cowhide, very moist, very high texture, do old oil side, with ancient silver to do the old metal part, casual big name. Hundred other ornaments, with full taste and gas field. The following is the authentic photo shoot, is not very style and gas field?

Hoitpecxe exception true and false bracelet discrimination contrast method
Hoitpecxe exception true and false bracelet discrimination contrast method

Recently appeared in the market with inferior imitation leather to imitate genuine leather bracelet, the following is true and false comparison:

It can be seen that the fake is no oil side to do the old retro process, the style is more monotonous; the bottom of the authentic Hoitpecxe exception for the whole handmade oil side retro do the old craft production, the presentation of the style is not a fake can be compared. General large-scale leather goods (including part of the table watch strap) will be used in the oil edge technology, oil edge technology to bring the benefits of needless to say, beautiful and practical, but you may not necessarily know that the oil side of the process of cumbersome, so most fakes are never used.

The good goods are real material, to see the comparison of the leather of this bracelet, The imitation of the above is made of artificial leather, internal and external materials are inconsistent, the emergence of a distinct layering phenomenon, which is the typical performance of low-quality imitation leather; the bottom of the authentic use is the first layer of cowhide production, the exception has been done is custom-made, so the choice of leather material is also absolutely exquisite, so only photos in this effect.

Fold the belt along the hole, can see the more clear skin vertical stratification, we can obviously find that genuine leather from inside to outside the uniform color, which is the basic characteristics of upper layer cowhide, and the lower imitation leather, layering is more obvious, this is inferior synthetic leather performance. This can be seen this time the fake can only be called “coarse imitation”, even a little genuine leather is not willing to use Ah!

To see the back, from the back, the texture of the imitation leather belt is obviously not the dermis, plastic film layer technology, too smooth, and the Hoitpecxe exception on the back of the tape is true and natural, texture more delicate.

Finally, we do a combustion experiment, the bracelet of imitation products lit with a lighter, first of all will observe a black smoke, and then smell the pungent gum odor, which is obviously with the plastic components of the class of things after the smell of burning, in addition to ignite, we also found a phenomenon, that is, the fake tape will appear obvious layering phenomenon, the production of the material together when the separation fell off. Real goods not willing to burn, but the pig can share the leather burning when the performance: Smoke than artificial leather to a lot of light, emitting a similar smell of paste taste, no plastic burning as pungent, the dermis after burning the rest of the gray-white material, with the hands can be squeezed into powder.