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hermes enamel bracelets to distinguish between true and false methods

Dear friends and relatives, today, handsome pig to the whole point of the tall-Hermes homes enamel bracelet authenticity contrast identification. How have an interest in this thing? This is the local level of exclusive, general friends are not dared to take this thing, because the gestures are too attractive! But, this is the style of luxury brands Hermes!
The price of this enamel bracelet is not cheap, the normal price is probably about 4000, so if you spend the money finally got a plum ghost I think few friends to bear! So here’s the question–Hermes enamel bracelet replica. How to differentiate? And look at the following to Meng Pig experience finishing:
The true and false contrast pleasure must look carefully!
First, please look at the gloss of the image I do not have any processing of the original, hundreds of pieces of fake will be a little bleak, and authentic bracelet gold is very positive, and there is a clear shiny luster, luxury and heroic force to face!

hermes enamel bracelets to distinguish between true and false methods
hermes enamel bracelets to distinguish between true and false methods

The following is the problem of packaging flannel bags, genuine packaging flannel bag everyone is given the opportunity to go to the counter to see, is the same color is dark brown, logo font clear. The following contrast figure in the left side of the face logo is less than authentic, and the color of a little more careful look at the position of the circle, hundreds of pieces of fake a little bit thick ah!

Watch the bar code and the box texture. Genuine packaging box at the bottom of the basic bar code, fake base is not. Of course, I will not say that the Guangzhou market has a bar code box to buy a lot but please receive the kiss yourself to see the box, carton on the grain is very textured, fake can not do another we circled the H position, please look at the light carefully, authentic polishing is good, and hundreds of pieces of the fake in H this one must be some polishing on the flaw.

The most important points come! First look at Hermes enamel, hundreds of pieces of a lot of material, the market’s most expensive fakes are 8,800, the left black is I personally bought Taobao, have to say that this is also the highest version of the fake, the full degree of enamel is slightly worse than a drop this general guests do not take together, so we ignore regardless, see our circle of metal parts, as long as the domestic canton goods, must be the metal position so wide. The pink on the right makes us absolutely the real thing on the cupboard. It is clear that the parents are relieved to compare this.

hermes enamel bracelets to distinguish between true and false methods
hermes enamel bracelets to distinguish between true and false methods

The following figure two circle positions carefully look, above a position, the left side of the hundreds of pieces of cake to do to be lost, the general guests cannot see, only and authentic put together to see how obvious! People who wear this position have the most say. The left side of this hundred of fake wear will be careless rubbing will feel more pain, the right side of the eye looks clear rounded some, we were up will not hurt. Metal polishing on the left side of the rings is not good, there will be a little bit of metal, there is wood!? Look to the right, absolute smoothness of gloss is really an angle of hundreds of pieces of 108,000!

Finally, the comparison of the weight of the true and false Herm├Ęs enamels bracelets. The weight of the real goods will not exceed 4.3, usually within 4.1-4.3, and hundreds of the faces are at least 4.3 of the starting weight. Heavy is also a lot of, a single take in the hand may not feel. At the same time will still have a feeling to explain a problem, fake material mixed up! So see so much you still consider expensive not worth that I also have no way!

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