Nashoba Youth Foundation

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Nashoba Youth Foundation: Mission

We are dedicated to promoting and bringing high quality, Skate parks and other improvements to local rural, low income, multicultural communities. Our focus is improving quality of life through, sports diversification, projects and programs that provide positive, healthy, youth activities which build community relationships while decreasing teen suicide, youth crime, obesity, diabetes, substance and abuse in these communities. Skateparks also foster state and national competitions that promote self esteem and self worth. Our volunteer members will strive to accomplish these activities through funding received from grants, businesses, and the general public.

Nashoba Youth Foundation: Company Overview

The Nashoba Youth Foundation is a non-profit Corporation that was founded in January 2011.
Nashoba Youth Foundation organized exclusively for charitable purposes. Nashoba Youth Foundation is a dedicated group of community volunteers, striving to help better the lives of our youth. The Skatepark Off Broadway was completed in Octocber of 2011. Construction of The Nashoba Skatepark will begin later this fall. NYF was recently given approval by the state of NM to do business there. We will continue to move forward in our efforts to help youth in these rural low income multicultural communities and on Reservations .

Nashoba Youth Foundation: Description

Our goal is to promote health, non-violence, provide support, education, diversified sports, for youth development, and help these rural areas in funding for construction of more diversified outdoor recreational activities that provide “at risk” youth a safe, positive, and healthy alternative to the streets.

Nashoba Youth Foundation: General Information

NYF is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.